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In an effort to reform and improve the home buying and selling process, the Government is proposing to introduce a Home Information Pack (HIP), or sellers pack in 2007. As well as the terms of sale, this pack will also provide other key information, including surveys, replies to local searches, warranties on new properties, and guarantees for work carried out on the property. The proposed legislation will require home owners or their selling agents to have this pack available when marketing homes for sale and for propective buyers to see on request. You can find the latest information on HIP at the website of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Moving house is the third most stressful event after bereavement and divorce... and probably the biggest financial investment you will ever make in your life. So prepare yourself for a few disappointments along the way.

Put your own house up for sale as soon as possible. If you do find a buyer for your house, make sure you state in the contract with your buyer that you will not move out before you have a new house. This also places you in the enviable position of knowing how much you have to spend on a new house.

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